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14.1.2024 Opinmäen Opetus / The Opinmäki Learning Curve

Ilmoittautuminen /Registeration
Tulokset /Results
Opastus (Lillhemtintie 1, 02250 Espoo; sisäänkäynti pääovista) Käytössä alueen julkiset parkkialueet, suosittelemme julkisten liikennevälineiden käyttöä.
Lähtöajat: klo 10-12 (vapaat lähtöajat) /Public parking areas in the area are available, we recommend using public transport. Departure times: 10:00-12.00.

Tracks: Green – Easy
Yellow – Moderate
Black – Difficult

It takes about 5-15 minutes to complete one course smoothly. If you want, you can run several courses for the price of the participation fee.

Participation fees:
Adults – €15
Under 19 – €10
Under 12 – €5
Families €35 (payment on site: incl. both adults and children)

Departure point/ mapsale: Departure point and mapsale right in front of the main doors.

Route planner: Anu Saarinen

Map: K-P Seppänen – 11/2019

Footwear: Indoor shoes, clean sneakers or brake socks

Timing and EMIT: EMIT timing is used in the event. In our event, it is possible to use a loan card, if for one reason or another you cannot find your own EMIT card or you do not even have one. The loan card is free of charge. We charge a fee of €80 for a lost punching card. The Navisport scoreboard is used in the events.

NOTE! There may be a traffic jam on the course and many orienteers of different ages. Remember to respect other participants and move safely on the stairs. Crashing is prohibited. Patience is everything. Remember to be especially careful in corners where another participant might come. The event organizer has not insured the participants, so make sure that your own accident insurance is valid. Moving the check marks is not allowed. If the mark moves, please move it back to its correct place.

21.1. Metro-Areenan Metkut / The Shenanigans at Metro-Areena

Ilmoittautuminen/ Registration
Tulokset/ Results
Opastus (Urheilupuistontie 3, 02200 Espoo)
Lähtöajat: klo 10-12 (vapaat lähtöajat)/ Public parking areas in the area are available, we recommend using public transport. Departure times: 10:00-11.45.

Courses and map:

Green – easy

Yellow – Moderate

Black – difficult

It takes about 5-15 min to complete one course smoothly. Mapmaker K-P Seppänen 12/2019, update Määttänen 1/2024, course setter Maria Määttänen. The control codes are marked on the mat next to the control numbers.

Participation fees:

Adults – 15 e

Under 19 – 10 e

Under 12 – 5 e

Families – 35 e (including both parents and all children)

You are free to run all courses with the same participation fee if you want to.

Starting point and map sale:

The event center is right insight the Club-entrance of the Metro-Areena (west side of the arena, same side as Koivu-Mankkaan tie). If you are a beginner you can ask the organizers for guidance, we are pleased to help you!


Indoor shoes, clean running shoes or break socks.


The EMIT timing system is in use at the event. Loan EMIT cards are included in the participation fee if needed. An 80 e fee is charged for a lost EMIT.

The Navisport results system in in use at this event.


The courses might be crowded and there will be orienteers of very different ages running at the same time on the same courses. Pleas be careful especially in stairs, tight corridors and when running around corners. The organizers do not have an insurance for the participants, and it is everyone’s own responsibility to take care that their own accident insurance is active.

Moving controls is forbidden and if the control moves or falls due to your action would you please put it back to place. You are not allowed to enter areas marked as forbidden (sprint symbols).