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Helsinki Indoor Cup (HIC) is indoor orienteering series held in Helsinki region. The organizer is local orienteering club Espoon Suunta. Indoor-o is form of orienteering done indoors, in venues such as schools, office buildings and sport facilities.

Your task is simple. Explore the building’s mazes, corridors, and stairways. Find your route from one control to the other as quickly as possible. In these events, good weather is guaranteed, and you will not get lost unless you step out the front door. The real challenge on the course is finding the right track between the different floors of the building. The duration of an indoor orienteering event varies depending on the venue, but typically its sprint distance (5-15min).

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21.1. Metro-Areenan Metkut / The Shenanigans at Metro-Areena

Ilmoittautuminen/ Registration
Tulokset/ Results
Opastus (Urheilupuistontie 3, 02200 Espoo)
Lähtöajat: klo 10-12 (vapaat lähtöajat)/ Public parking areas in the area are available, we recommend using public transport. Departure times: 10:00-11.45.

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